Air Conditioning

Split Systems

For the Home

Split systems are ideal for air conditioning selected rooms or areas. A range of sizes are available to suit the size of your room, and multi systems can cool many indoor units with only one outdoor unit.

Ducted Systems

For the Home or Office

A ducted system will provide cooling and heating without the need for wall mounted equipment in each room. Ducted systems can be incorporated into new homes or tailored to suit existing homes.

Cassette Systems

For the Office

Cassette systems are ceiling mounted to provide four directional air conditioning for an even airflow distribution throughout the room. These systems are suited to offices and large open rooms.

Need Air Conditioning Installed or Repaired?

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Our air conditioning specialists advise you on the most suitable system for your home or office, taking into account your budget and usage. We can also source, purchase and deliver the equipment to you.


Our specialists are skilled air conditioning installers for split, ducted and cassette systems. We have performed many installations in new homes, existing homes and commercial spaces.


If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning solution, we can investigate the cause and perform repairs. We can also suggest improvements which will efficiently improve your air conditioning.

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